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Local Georgian aid organization Keda CBO wishes to promote community development through the purchase of 5 bee colonies and a special bee protection top and face guard, which it will give to a needy resident in the impoverished region in which it works.  Keda CBO will provide the recipient with instruction on how to divide and grow  the colonies, and how to harvest and sell the honey as a means of economic support. One colony can produce, on average, about 20-30kg of honey in a year, which sells at a price of $8 per kg.  This should produce roughly $1,000 in economic income in one year, with the potential of raising that production by transplanting hives and growing stock.   There are members of the village who simply do not own a sufficient amount of land to produce cash crops, and in many instances, barely enough to provide for one's family. They also lack the education to find skilled employment, and, unfortunately, find themselves between a rock and a hard place. As a result their children suffer from malnurishment, poor clothing during winter, and often lack of educational opportunities as a result of their family being unable to provide school supplies.  Keda CBO hopes to empower these families by providing them with the means to produce a proven economically viable product which can be taken care of with relatively little training. Further, Keda CBO will work with a resident who knows how to transplant bees to new colonies, thus being able to double the amount of colonies in relatively short period of time. We believe this will provide a real opportunity to these families who can then expand their earning potential.

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