Community Development believes in the power of the community – a group of individuals living and working in the same space and united by the desire to enhance their common good is a truly powerful thing.  We support communities who want to support themselves by offering various tools through a range of projects and programs that identify and execute ways to build up the group for the betterment of its members. features projects and programs on its website that aim to do good for many by harnessing the benefits that flow from a group of people rallied around hope and determined to advance their lot.  We proudly support initiatives aimed at meeting a community’s physical needs as well as its psychological needs.  From assisting in building a road that will allow a community’s farmers to get their products to the neighboring market in a cheaper and easier way to encouraging reconciliation through counseling and other programs among individuals and groups that share difficult and sometimes bloody histories, is determined to help bring people together and to raise up communities for the greater good.