Volunteer Abroad

Sometimes our Aid Workers have opportunities for people to volunteer their time and talents on the ground. Aid Worker Organizations can post these opportunities here, where you can learn more about the program and contact the Aid Workers directly to apply.

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Volunteer opportunities

On Eagles' Wings | NICARAGUA

On Eagles' Wings (OEW) meets the physical and spiritual needs of thousands on a daily basis in the impoverished Central American nation of Nicaragua.  The Chris...

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Citizens of the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe, located in southern Africa, continue to struggle to make ends meet and face daily challenges that are essentially unhear...

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Foundation Debora | GUATEMALA

Foundation Debora empowers vulnerable women in Guatemala to make positive life changes through its educational and vocational training programs.  The organization a...

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Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife | KENYA

Friends of Kenya School and Wildlife supports people-centered community development in rural Kenyan communities. Currently, projects in eight communities focus on econom...

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Helping Hands | UKRAINE

Helping Hands cares for vulnerable persons in southeast Ukraine, with its programs focusing on children and the elderly. The organization meets the physical needs of und...

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Yamini Foundation | INDIA

Yamini Foundation helps bring brightness into the lives of mentally challenged children by providing them education and therapy. Yamini runs a school in Hyderabad, India, that...

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Project Hope |

Project Hope supports deprived children in the conflicted area of Palestine with humanitarian relief, education, training and recreational opportunities. The organization’s ...

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Better Africa Youth Initiative | GAMBIA

Better Africa Youth Initiative empowers young people in The Gambia to make positive, healthy life decisions and to realize their full leadership potential. Formed by stu...

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