Give up

Giving is a discipline of joy. Perhaps you have never considered the huge impact of small but constant gestures of generosity. Because we believe a trickle effect can go a long way we want to encourage you to engage in a give up action. By sacrificing a small daily indulgence like your coffee or your visit to the vending machine for a period of time you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.  A give up action can range from sharing the change in your coin drawer to larger gestures like simplifying your lifestyle to achieve greater flexibility in giving.


For some of our partners a give up action does not consist in sacrificing material goods. Instead these partners give up their time to support us with their technical and professional expertise. From marketing to grant research and fundraising their sacrifice of time allows WideAwake to point 100% of the monetary donations received to aid workers around the globe. If you are ready to engage in world changing action contact us.


Would you join us in giving up?