How We Increase Your Impact

A Totally Different Way to Give


No Salaries
No Middlemen
No Politics
No Bureaucracy

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More Bang for Your Buck

We help those in need. Period. We do not favor any political or religious agenda, or focus on any one region or race of people in the world. We simply help those with the greatest need, whether it’s a child in a rural area with no food, a war-torn community with no hope of rebuilding or a people neglected in their society with no education. Your dollar can go a lot farther when race, religion and politics are stripped away and the sole focus is helping those in the world who need it the most.

More Options Means Better Options

We believe that using free-market principles is the best way to make sure our projects are the best they can possibly be. We allow only the best and most efficient aid workers to post projects on our site. Donors choose which of our specific projects they want to support. As donors choose to fund only the best projects. Only the best projects are completed. You get better work, at a better price.

Every Penny Goes Directly to Aid Workers

There is a big difference between overseas aid workers and international charities. Aid workers are the people on the ground with their sleeves rolled up helping those in need, be it through informal efforts of a few individuals, a small community effort or a formal organization. You recognize these guys and girls by the dirt on their hands. International charities, on the other hand, often spend a great deal of their time and expense in an office counting fundraising dollars and doing paperwork – and far too often give most of their money to other international charities who spend more time and expense counting dollars and doing even more paperwork. We are different. Every penny given through goes directly to aid workers on the ground getting their hands dirty. 100%.

Volunteer-Run to Remove All Doubts

A charity rarely starts-off worrying about fraud and wasteful spending. These problems sprout over time. Management comes and goes, non-profit philosophies fade in and out of style, until one day the charity wakes up fighting rumors of fraud and corruption, struggling to figure out which employees still care about its mission and which are there for the paycheck, and paying inflated for-profit salaries and expenses – without the shareholders a for-profit has to fight against any of it. This is a reality that has crippled the international charity world. We have created a new approach to overseas giving so that our supporters never have to worry that their gifts and investments are at risk. is fueled by the collaboration of talented professionals, volunteers, interns, artists and others working together to help those in need – for free. None of us, from our President on down, are paid a penny for our contributions. The little expenses we incur in managing our website and coordinating our efforts are funded by our Board of Directors and other donors who give specifically for that purpose. Donors never have to worry about their gifts reaching those in need because there is nowhere else for their gifts to go.

The Problem:

Charity dollars are not getting
to the people who need them.

Traditional Charity Structure:

Traditional Charity Structure

Inflated salaries, multiple middle-men, political posturing and massive beauricratic expenses result in a fraction of the amount of gifts given actually being received by those in need.

Inflated salaries, multiple middle-men, political posturing and massive beauricratic expenses result in a fraction of the amount of gifts given actually being received by those in need.

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