Church Program is driven by what its founders and managers consider to be a higher calling – our faith compels us to give something back, to support those in need, to alert others to the suffering that persists in the world and to create opportunities to take a stand for those who need assistance.  The projects and programs featured on our website aim to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged persons by meeting physical, psychological and spiritual needs, and do so irrespective of the creed of those receiving or giving the services.  We believe God loves all and asks us to serve all.  Churches and other religious groups can join in this endeavor by getting to know the international partners with whom works and by supporting their projects, which are featured on our website.

Churches and other religious organizations of all stripes can find on’s website projects and programs that match their interests. will be happy to put your organization in touch with our international partners who carry out the projects you see on our site.  Our Aid Workers, as we call them, have been vetted to ensure efficiency, honesty and ethical practices.  These are smaller organizations about which most persons in the US would never hear but for them being featured on the website.  This is one of the ways in which can add value to your church’s operations – we can introduce you to great people overseas who are doing God’s work for those in need, starting a relationship between your organization and theirs that can be truly satisfying and that can lead to big things in the way of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.   Want to reach out and see what our Aid Workers are all about and what they’re up to?  We can put you in contact and help you craft a program of cooperation.  Let know if you would like to learn more about our church programs with our inspiring Aid Workers.

Contact us to learn more.

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