School Program

Are you interested in engaging your classroom in a grassroots based charitable activity? We can help. At we want to be transformational in the lives of children and young adults. By organizing custom campaigns we are able to focus on the issues and geography that matters the most to your students. We believe global awareness is essential as we aim to create leaders that are willing to advocate for a better world. From preschool to 12th grade our campaign coordinators will work with you to select a program that fits the needs of your school. We will also provide you with fundraising ideas and online tools such as Facebook Causes to make your activity a complete success. We design relevant, curriculum supporting fundraising campaigns that can include the following:
  • School-to-school partnerships
  • Microfinance partnerships
  • Child sponsorship
  • Hunger alleviation
  • Disaster relief
  • Poverty awareness
  Our aid workers cover a wide range of social needs and are present in almost every continent. If your school is ready to have an ongoing partnership with an organization that has great hope for our next generation please contact us.