WideAwake.org is honored to play a role in promoting women’s rights in many areas of the world.  Projects featured on our website and programs carried out by our international partners make it crystal clear that women’s rights present an issue of paramount importance for WideAwake.org – it’s something that we truly believe needs serious attention and that can do much in the way of making life better for millions across the globe. Our charitable partners overseas engage in numerous activities, from conducting simple women’s rights education courses to massive voter registration drives, aimed at protecting women and helping them to assert their rights.  Women represent an underprivileged group in many parts of the world, still far behind their male counterparts in education, wages, status and legal rights and protections.  Our partners abroad are working tirelessly to change the tide, finding innovative ways to enhance the position of women in a number of areas.  WideAwake.org gladly supports the projects and programs that recognize and aim to enhance women’s rights all over the world.