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Just $490 will provide a range of cookware - pots, pans, bowls, silverware and the like - that will allow over 60 young children to receive healthy meals and snacks at the early education/daycare center run by Foundation Debora in Guatemala.  The cookware being used presently by Foundation Debora's education center is extremely old, and some of it is falling apart or is otherwise almost unusable.  This project will ensure that the children - many of whom do not receive adequate nutrition at home - will be nourished every weekday while they learn at the center, which has been accredited by the Guatemalan government as an official learning center for early childhood and kindergarten.  Foundation Debora will purchase the cookware within two weeks of this project being fully funded.  

Foundation Debora is a trusted partner of, and is doing a world of good to help vulnerable communities in the impoverished country of Guatemala.  While most of the organization's programs focus on aiding disaffected women, Foundation Debora also has other initiatives that help, among other groups, at-risk children from poor homes.  

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Foundation Debora empowers vulnerable women in Guatema...

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