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On Eagles' Wings (OEW) meets the physical and spiritual needs of thousands on a daily basis in the impoverished Central American nation of Nicaragua.  The Christian organization has been feeding over 10,000 needy children per day since 2008, and runs a range of other programs aimed at making life a bit easier for persons living in very difficult cirumstances.  From building houses for the homeless and church buildings, to providing medical care to those who cannot afford it and cleaning up dangerous dump sites, OEW is truly making a difference in Nicaragua.  OEW also runs youth programs that teach children good habits and keep them away from drugs and gang violence.  It hosts soccer leagues and runs religious programs for youth.  

On Eagles' Wings works primarily in western and northern Nicaragua, with its headquarters in the city of Leon.  The organization is a trusted partner of WideAwake.org, and has worked in the past with our leadership to carry out feeding and athletics programs for youths.  WideAwake.org is honored to work with OES to make Nicaragua a better place, and to provide both short and long-term relief to its struggling populations.  

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Aid Workers Country

  • Location: NICARAGUA / Central America and Caribbean
  • Language(s): Spanish (official), Miskito
  • Currency: Nicaraguan c√≥rdoba
  • Life Expectancy: NICARAGUA: 72.00 years | USA: 78.11 years
  • Religion(s): Roman Catholic, Protestant, Moravian
  • GDP per capita: USA: $47,400 | NICARAGUA: $3,200