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Foundation Debora empowers vulnerable women in Guatemala to make positive life changes through its educational and vocational training programs.  The organization also promotes human rights and provides health education training and services.  Foundation Debora works primarily with women whose lives have been adversely affected by alcohol, drugs and violence.  Most of the women the organization supports have few prospects for turning the tide against the poverty and difficult circumstances they face; Foundation Debora provides hope for a better future by imparting the knowledge and skills women need to forge a better path for themselves and their families.  From formal education on a broad range of health-related topics to basic skills training in craft-making that allows the women to earn an income, and from drug counseling to literacy training, Foundation Debora is truly making a difference for thousands in impoverished Guatemala.  


The organization has branched out in recent years to provide support to children and youths, in addition to its traditional women-focused activities.  Foundation Debora runs a Center for Child Care and Development which provides education, food and guidance to children from ages 2 - 7.  Around 70 children receive these services free of cost.  Additionally, Foundation Debora runs an anti-drug campaign in several high schools.  Drugs are dominating the downtrodden Guatemalan population, but Foundation Debora is fighting back.

Foundation Debora is changing lives through its support, both physical and emotional, of needy persons in Guatemala.  A gift to the organization or in support of any of its dynamic projects is a gift that will touch lives and pave the way for a better tomorrow.

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Aid Workers Country

  • Location: GUATEMALA / Central America and Caribbean
  • Language(s): Spanish, Amerindian languages
  • Currency: Quetzal
  • Life Expectancy: GUATEMALA: 71.00 years | USA: 78.11 years
  • Religion(s): Christianity (Roman Catholic and Protestand), indigenous Mayan beliefs
  • GDP per capita: USA: $47,400 | GUATEMALA: $5,000