Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife

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The aid workers known as Friends of Kenya Schools & Wildlife equip the poor in rural Kenyan communities with economic and educational tools designed to promote self- sufficiency. FKSW helps poor families in Africa by:


●      Providing work skills and microloans to women in order to promote empowerment.

●      Sponsoring children with educational opportunities.

●      Help financing water wells and clean water opportunities for villages affected by infrastructure and chronic draught issues.

●      Famine relief providing direct aid to feed hungry children.

●      Environmental education to facilitate resource management and encourage biodiversity.


On location these aid workers partner with local community leaders and relief agencies to deliver cost-effective sustainable solutions to poverty-related social issues. FKSW is known for excellent stewardship and encouragement of a culture of dignified self-sufficiency.


Please support the work of the FKSW team by selecting a featured high-priority project or you can donate here now   to their general fund where the resource allocation team will work to optimize the use of your donation.

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