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Friends of Kenya School and Wildlife supports people-centered community development in rural Kenyan communities. Currently, projects in eight communities focus on economic empowerment, improved access to quality education, improved food and livelihood security, improved community health, human rights and social dignity, improved information access and exchange, and improved management of the environment and enhanced biodiversity. FKSW works with villagers and professionals alike to forge creative solutions to challenging problems. It has been responsible for marked development in the communities it serves and has received significant praise from the persons it has positively affected.

Although initially focused on nursery and primary education, FKSW has expanded its activities to address identified needs within a more holistic framework. Using the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as a guideline for involvement in participatory community development, FKSW supports projects in rural communities in Kenya with emphasis on the following areas: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary school education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, combating malaria, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability. FKSW also brings groups of visitors to Kenya to increase awareness of the culture, diversity and opportunities for humanitarian support. Over the past 5 years, FKSW has participated in projects in eight rural communities. FKSW support has included but is not limited to: the construction of 4 nursery schools, 4 community toilets, construction of 3 school kitchens for the implementation of school lunch program, teacher training for one nursery school teacher, partial teacher salary for 5 nursery school teachers, school materials and supplies for 5 nursery schools, the ongoing provision of scholarships for 106 students to attend primary school, including one student who attends a school for the hearing impaired, training of primary students at 6 schools to establish and maintain school gardens and learn about food and farming, installation of a community water filter on Kokwa Island at Lake Baringo, for the removal of bacteria and excessive amounts of fluoride which causes skeletal and dental fluorosis, plus many, many other projects. In January, 2009, FKSW expanded its reach and capacity to effect positive change by signing a memorandum of agreement for participation with the Molo-based NGO NECOFA. Together the two organizations are able to serve more needy persons and enhance the quality of life in a greater number of communities.

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  • Location: KENYA / Southern Africa
  • Language(s): English (official), Kiswahili (official), numerous indigenous languages
  • Currency: Schilling
  • Religion(s): Protestantism; Roman Catholicism; Islam; indigenous beliefs
  • GDP per capita: USA: $47,400 | KENYA: $1,600