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Keda CBO is dedicated to improving educational and sanitation infrastructure in the rural Keda region of the country of Georgia. Its projects promote sustainable, long-term development. Keda CBO also focuses on building and growing critical skills in youth and young adults that enable them to overcome the significant challenges faced by their community, and to build for a brighter future. Settled in poverty-stricken southwest Georgia, the citizens in the Keda region face immense obstacles. Keda CBO is a source of inspiration and hope for the area’s villagers. Its programs and projects have met the immediate needs of those it serves while also paving the way for long-term development. From replacing the leaky roof of the local elementary school to installing new water pipes in the village, and from replacing old wooden out-houses with more sanitary stone toilets to developing a community audio library, Keda CBO's projects have gone far in advancing the health and educational needs of hundreds. Keda CBO is doing a world of good for those in need in the Keda region of Georgia.

A teacher of English by profession, Keda CBO's president has found creative ways to expose students in the community to experiences that challenge them and help them grow. For example, he has worked closely with U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers to institute English language and culture programs for the children, and Keda CBO is in the final stages of instituting its College Scholarship Program, through which worthy students, who otherwise could not afford to go to college, are enabled to attend in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.  Rooted in the belief that education presents the surest path toward development and improved opportunities for the community, many of Keda CBO's projects now revolve around helping to prepare the region’s youth for college, something that was once merely a dream. From providing the physical necessities for the education of youth – books, desks, and clean, safe classrooms – to providing full scholarships to students who have shown the capacity and the desire to excel at the next level, Keda CBO is committed to empowering its community to achieve more through education.

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Aid Workers Country

  • Location: GEORGIA / Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Language(s): Georgian (official), Russian, Armenian, Azeri
  • Currency: Lari
  • Life Expectancy: GEORGIA: 76.72 years | USA: 78.11 years
  • Religion(s): Orthodox Christianity, Islam
  • GDP per capita: USA: $47,400 | GEORGIA: $4,700