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This one-year scholarship will cover room and board for a girl at Kokwa Primary School at Lake Baringo, in the impoverished country of Kenya.  The local aid organization Friends of Kenyan Schools and Wildlife (FKSW), provides funding to any student who needs financial assistance to attend primary day school from 1st through 8th grade at the Kokwa Primary School.   This support includes funding for uniforms, shoes, books and incidental fees. This project will help to ensure that girls can take best advantage of this educational opportunity by living at school and focusing on their studies.  Just $125 covers the entire cost of attendance for one child for a full academic year.  

Much of the day for poor women in rural areas of Kenya is spent collecting water and firewood, caring for children, cooking, laundry, and tending animals and vegetable gardens. Young girls who may be attending school but who are living at home are required to assist their mothers in these tasks, leaving little time to concentrate on their studies. In addition, some of the girls who are day students attending Kokwa Primary School walk for one hour in the morning over rough terrain to arrive at school and then another hour in the afternoon to return home. There are 16 girls currently in need of a boarding scholarship. Providing the means for girls to board instead of returning home each day will give them significantly more time and energy to devote to their studies. Many girls with such an opportunity are more successful in their academic efforts and remain in school longer.

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