Krochet Kids International

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KKI, believes in empowering people of all ages by providing work skills and business training to foster enterpreneuralism.Arts and crafts paricularly, Crochet has proven to be a highly efficient low-cost means of equipping women and children with a work skills requiring very accesible tools and allowing transferability when people are mobilized due to war or famine issues. KKI sponsors the following programs:
  • Small business ventures for poor women in Uganda.    
  • Economic sufficiency and development programs in rural communities.
  • Business skills training.
  • Assistance in marketing crafts outside Uganda.
  In a country almost destroyed by twenty years of war with the majority of people living in severe poverty KKI imparts hope and allows you to help women and children by equipping them to generate income for their own sustenance. Your donation will continue to make an impact for years having provided vocational and artisanal training to women that otherwise are limited to a life of hopelessness and famine. Please help us encourage a generation of industrious women that will influence Uganda’s future.

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