Laptop for Senior Care in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is a country reeling from decades of dictatorship that has destroyed the nation's economy.  Its elderly population is particularly vulnerable.  Due to inflation and other adverse economic realities, their savings have become virtually worthless, making survival exceptionally difficult.  Local aid organization ZANE supports the struggling elderly and other vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe through a host of programs that provide for the immediate needs of those they serve and also plant the seeds for longer-term development in this impoverished country.  


ZANE's programs would be significantly aided by a laptop computer.  The organization, based in the capital, Harare, presently uses an old desktop computer that falters often.  A laptop would not only mean more efficient computing, contributing to ZANE's operations that aid the elderly and other vulnerable groups, but would also allow ZANE staff to take it with them on the road - ZANE regularly travels throughout the country to help elderly persons, and being able to use a laptop while on the road would be a Godsend for the organization.  For just $650, donors can make a direct impact on the lives of struggling seniors in Zimbabwe through the purchase for ZANE of a new laptop computer.  

ZANE is a trusted partner of, and is doing a world of good for those in need in one of the world's least-developed nations.  A donation to ZANE is money well-spent, as it constitutes a real step forwarding in enhancing the quality of life for those in desperate need.  


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Citizens of the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe, locat...

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