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Project Hope supports deprived children in the conflicted area of Palestine with humanitarian relief, education, training and recreational opportunities. The organization’s programs focus on bringing healing to the most vulnerable victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – innocent children whose development has been stunted and whose lives have been forever altered by violence and who live in poverty, isolated from the outside world. Activities sponsored by Project Hope include English and French classes, social justice discussion groups, computer literacy courses, and creative activities in art, drama, photography and music. These activities and others provide a chance to learn new skills and engage in dialogue with the outside world while also providing psychological relief and the opportunity to have fun. Project Hope draws on the expertise of volunteers from several countries and utilizes trained professionals to provide much-needed counselling for children living in a high-stress environment. Over 700 youths participate in Project Hope’s programs each month, making the organization a potent force for good in a troubled region.

The organization’s activities are focused in the West Bank town of Nablus, which has been battered by fighting and largely ignored by the outside world. Project Hope’s work in Nablus and surrounding areas is mainly carried out in decades old Palestinian refugee camps where impoverished inhabitants who have little hope of bettering their lot struggle to survive in a cramped, dangerous living space. Children in these camps have universally suffered, living through the fighting, being directly involved in clashes with soldiers or having their homes invaded. They often do not sleep at night out of fear. The psychological trauma inherent in such living conditions makes Project Hope’s programs exceedingly valuable, as they provide a sense of normalcy for youths and an outlet through which they can express themselves in a positive, creative manner. The organization’s activities strengthen participants’ resilience and promote a positive outlook, providing them with extra confidence to take control of their own lives and to positively impact those around them. Project Hope does a world of good for youths in need of positive influences and the resources necessary to develop and grow. Affiliate History Project Hope was founded in 2003 by a group of Canadians and Palestinians who were determined to come to the aid of the innocent children caught in the middle of a bloody conflict. The organization is structured to bring hope to youths who have been traumatized by violence and who live in poverty, often without access to basic amenities and necessities. By providing a host of activities that teach valuable skills and by allowing children to act like children, Project Hope inspires confidence in youths and gives them respite from the troubles they face in their day-to-day lives.

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  • Location: / Middle East
  • Language(s): Arabic, Hebrew, English
  • Currency: Israeli Shekel
  • Religion(s): Islam; Judaism; Christianity
  • GDP per capita: USA: $47,400 | : $2,900