Project Hope

Project Hope

Project Hope exists to bring healing to emotionally wounded children and young adults living in the midst of war and conflict in Palestine. These children have not known peace. Project Hope reaches out to children in the West Bank who live in poverty further exacerbated by bloody conflict and violence. Programs are designed to address trauma, encourage resilience and provide a safe haven for intelectual, artistic and emotional expression. Project hope


●      Provides children with respite via recreational activities.

●      Provides direct counseling to children of the war.

●      Hosts group discussions to encourage dialogue.

●      Teaches English and French to equip children with a global perspective

●      Hosts children in computer rooms for recreational and educational activities.


We can only imagine the pain and fear that comes from a lifetime lived surrounded by violence. By reaching out to the children in Palestine we are not only providing personal hope but also shaping a generation of peace-makers. Join us as we touch these lives.

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