Volunteer for WideAwake.org

WideAwake.org is run by an amazing team of volunteers. We employ an entirely volunteer board, advisory committee, management team, and administrative staff, none of whom are compensated in any way for the work that they do for WideAwake.org and its Affiliates. That means we’re always in need of qualified volunteers!

Volunteer Teams with current openings:

Web and Information Technology

WideAwake.org is an entirely web-based organization that wasn’t founded by people who build Web sites for a living. We need people with IT expertise, HTML knowledge, or database skills who can help with our Web site and technical infrastructure.


Copy Editing or Grant Writing

Did you ace the SAT Verbal? Is Shakespeare your thing? Do your friends always ask you to proof their important papers and emails? Help us write and edit copy for our Web site, grant applications, and other materials.


Video and Graphics Editing

Picture and video play an important role on the WideAwake.org Web site – these visual elements help to introduce our Affiliates to the WideAwake.org visitor. However, many of our Affiliates do not have the time or technical capabilities to edit their own content for WideAwake.org. If you are an experienced or amateur film editor, digital photographer, or graphic design artist, help us prepare content for our Affiliates’ web pages.


Fundraising and Marketing

If hosting a Fundraising Event seems a bit tame for your taste and experience, we’d love for you to get more deeply involved with our Fundraising and Marketing Team. Whether you’re an accomplished marketing professional or just enjoy event planning, there are many ways you can help raise funding and awareness for WideAwake.org and our Affiliates.


Affiliate Management

We’re looking for people with an interest in international philanthropy to help find and research new Affiliates, and help us manage our relationships with existing organizations. Put your outgoing personality and excellent communication skills to work for good!


None of our openings fit your skills or interests? There are many other ways you can help WideAwake.org

Apply to be a WideAwake.org General Volunteer