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Citizens of the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe, located in southern Africa, continue to struggle to make ends meet and face daily challenges that are essentially unheard of in the West.  The country has for decades been under the grip of a dictator who has wrecked the nation's economy and incited violence against various people groups.  One group that is particularly vulnerable in Zimbabwe is the elderly population.  Older residents have seen their savings become worthless thanks to hyper-inflation, and do not have access to the kind of medical and general support services that most people in other countries take for granted.  To put it lightly, most of the elderly in Zimbabwe live an exceptionally difficult life.  


Relief organization Zimbabwe, A National Emergency (ZANE), is helping to turn the tide and ensure a better quality of life for Zimbabwe's vulnerable populations, particularly its elderly.  ZANE carries out a host of programs in the country aimed at providing medical, social and other services that are desperately needed by Zimbabwe's older community.  ZANE's medical program has provided much-needed help to scores of suffering individuals, working with a range of nursing homes, hospitals and community-based organizations.  It affords medicine and pays for medical services for the elderly ill, and also assists with counseling and general support functions.  ZANE also pays the rent required for pensioners to stay in nursing homes, and furthermore provides food to especially poor and disabled persons.  

ZANE's work in Zimbabwe reaches beyond just the elderly population, supporting broad community development initiatives of various types.  The organization supports HIV-AIDS clinics and provides income-generation training to young persons, and also holds nutrition education and food preparation classes. 


ZANE is a source of inspiration and support for many in a country where hope is hard to come by for so many.  Its programs meet the immediate needs of impoverished citizens while also making headway in the difficult journey to plant the seeds for long-term development.  ZANE is a trusted partner of - we encourage you to check out this unique organization's innovative projects and consider making a true impact in the life of the needy in Zimbabwe.  

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Aid Workers Country

  • Location: ZIMBABWE / Southern Africa
  • Language(s): English, Shona, Sindebele
  • Currency: Zimbabwean Dillar
  • Life Expectancy: ZIMBABWE: 52.00 years | USA: 78.11 years
  • Religion(s): Christianity, indigenous, Islam
  • GDP per capita: USA: $47,400 | ZIMBABWE: $510